WELCOME to the Read and Share Bible Preschool Curriculum, a full year of preschool programming broken up into four 13-week units that walks little ones through the Bible.

Jesus is at the core of each Read and Share lesson. Children will “READ” about how the promise and presence of Jesus is at the heart of each Bible story. Then they will take what they’ve learned and SHARE Jesus’ love with others.

But is it easy to use?

The program is designed to make teaching super easy for teachers with minimal preparation time. Teachers or volunteers simply grab the lesson folder for that day. A teacher devotional, the lesson goal and scripture, and a supplies list are printed directly on the folder. Inside the folder, teachers will find 5 CueCards to walk them through each lesson. The front of the card provides a story visual for children, and teachers can read directly from the back of each card for the entire lesson.

Each lesson folder includes the following CueCards:
SING (worship with songs from the Music CD, hand motions included on card)
WATCH (puppet skit and Read and Share Bible Story video)
READ and SHARE (discussion and prayer time with lesson-reinforcing snack suggestion)
PLAY (lesson-reinforcing game)
CREATE (lesson-reinforcing craft